#AllRightsMatter – A Movement to Support All Rights

Yesterday, Dr. Staton, Chancellor of ECU, released a letter to students.

In it he writes,

“We are an imperfect campus in an imperfect society. We know we must work harder on issues of equality and social justice, and I am proud that we have many ways to facilitate discourse in an intelligent, safe and responsible manner. I applaud these efforts and stand with you in your efforts to effect meaningful change.

As a university, we respect the First Amendment, and we encourage the open, even passionate discourse of the issues that are important to our students and faculty. It is also important to acknowledge the deep relationship our university has with the military and the men and women who serve and have served. We share a mission of service, and each day on our campus we appreciate the people who live that mission. It is because of their commitment to our country that we as citizens have the right to express ourselves.”

I agree. We have First Amendment rights because of the sacrifices made by those who defended and won this country’s freedom. We also have other rights.

While I support the spirit of Dr. Staton’s message, I am disheartened that only the First Amendment is mentioned in his letter.



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