Digital Marketing Module at Stockholm School of Economics in Latvia

The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) in Riga, Latvia, offers a 2 year cohort program for individuals seeking an Executive MBA degree. Last Wednesday through Saturday (January 18th-21st), I spent 10 hours a day with these eager students as their guest professor of Digital Marketing. The students, who will attend monthly modules in the first year of the program before completing a thesis in the second year, include individuals from Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Estonia.

For my module on Digital Marketing, we covered consumer behavior in a digital world, online advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing (brief view), and metrics. In the course, the students worked in teams to develop a digital marketing strategy. They did a fabulous job!

Please take a moment to view pictures of some of the amazing students I had the opportunity to work with and their beautiful school. Although a colder climate that I am used to, my experience at Stockholm School of Economics was truly enjoyable. I am always pleased to share my knowledge of digital marketing and encouraged to know that we are sending informed students out into the ever-evolving world of business and marketing. Thank you, SSE!

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