ECU Visits Netflix! One of the World’s Most Innovative Companies….this from Netflix | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

  • On Tuesday, a class from ECU’s College of Business will visit Netflix. We are visiting 10 companies this week! So please watch for our updates! We’re super excited about Netflix in part because of the values Netflix endorses. You can see more at We’ll be posting our reflections after the visit but for now, check out this overview from Fast Company. What has Netflix done best? In my view, it is to clearly understand consumer behavior trends. Did "binge viewing" exist pre-Netflix? I don’t think so! And, I am guilty as charged (c.f. gladiators 😉 ).

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    • Netflix added its own bravura to the cable-TV formula of growing through original programming, along the way strengthening its business, creating new freedom for TV showrunners, and cementing binge-viewing into the cultural landscape.

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