Excuses for Slack&#^## Bloggers

Blogger, I have two new crushes. Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been on FB a few years but resisted getting really engaged. I’m new to tweeting, but the crowdsourcing of info-searching has me hooked.

Here’s the problem – I’m microblogging, which has resulted in feeling like I have less to say on the blog. It shouldnt’ really. There’s room for both – I can microblog a thought or insight or link, but could assess, interpret, analyze, and comment on brand-related developments here. I just lack the motivation to blog it up when I’m busy tweeting. And really, one can even comment in-depth on facebook with notes, or on friendfeed.

What’s a blogger to do?

One thought on “Excuses for Slack&#^## Bloggers

  1. Tkilla44

    uHi Tracy –
    I understand the attraction of immediacy of Tweeting, but it is like the anti-blog. Like blogging with ADD.

    It is the Headline News to blogging’s CNN.

    Twitter is crystal meth to housewives – totally addicting, and fast enough to do when the kid isn’t looking.

    We recently had a bit of a plane crash here at DIA. One guy actually sent a Tweet as soon as he cleared the escape shoot, to say he was just in a plane crash! I’m not sure what to say about that…

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