Facebook Changes Causing a Stir – What’s to follow?

Changes to Facebook’s News Feed may only be the beginning.

Facebook’s News Feed, which tells users what their friends are up to, endured changes earlier this week that had many users wishing there was a ‘dislike’ button to voice their disapproval. Fortunately, Facebook respects the voice of its users and many were able to share their thoughts on the Facebook Blog.

Brandi Genest Weeks’s comment on the Facebook Blog embodies how many who dislike the changes feel: “Quite frankly I don’t want Facebook deciding who is most important in my life,” she said.  “I want my news feed to just go chronologically and if I want to hide posts from someone, I will.”

However, while you may not personally know anyone who likes the changes, they are out there. According to George Mathis, who blogs for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, more than 1,300 Facebook users ‘liked’ the changes before he published his post at 9:36 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

If your heart is still aching for the old News Feed though, don’t worry, Facebook hasn’t completely forgotten about you. Along with the recent changes came the addition of the Ticker – a feed in the top right-hand corner that gives users updates in chronological order – similar to the old News Stream.

But is this only the beginning? In an effort to compete with Google+, which has already drawn more than 10 million users, rumors are flying about additional changes to Facebook. A “massive site makeover,” according to USA Today, would bring music services, mobile advances, and next-generation video sharing.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Changes Causing a Stir – What’s to follow?

  1. Rob Taylor

    Honestly, I like the changes. Perhaps more importanty, however, is the fact that I don’t immediately and instinctively HATE the changes, as I believe many do. I appreciate a company attempting to improve its services. What if FB NEVER made a single change? They would be criticized for that – for being ‘stagnant’ and ‘behind the times.’ FB is in a no-win situation, IMO. Make changes, and they upset users whose kneejerk reaction to any change is bound to be negative. Make NO changes, and they’re not reacting or responding to users’ needs. Temper this, however, with the fact that I know of NOBODY – NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON – who complained about the changes who has also made the decision to stop using FB. This is not insignificant. FB knows this. Negativity is contagious. And this happens EVERY time FB makes a change. Oh, by the way, FB is free. Maybe all these malcontents can petition FB for a refund of their subscription fee. 🙂 Also, I like the more prominent placement of customizable ‘lists,’ and I like the separation of “so-and-so is now friends with so-and-so,” from the sharing of a new photo gallery or a link to a relevant news article. Besides, FB has always had the “Top News” vs. “Most Recent” choice sitting right there. Apparently, the malcontents missed that detail.

  2. Tracy Tuten Ph.D. Post author

    You are absolutely right that collectively we should appreciate a company that is attempting to improve its services by making changes. True, also, is the fact that we’ve all been enjoying Facebook’s services for free. Perhaps this feeling of entitlement is half the energy that fuels the Facebook brand…? Really appreciate your comment and perspective!

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