Lessons in Marketing Creativity #CreativityChat

Lessons in Marketing Creativity #CreativityChat

Last year, I heard Doug Fidoten, President of DentsuAmerica and one of the most creative people I know, say that he felt students today needed more time to study creative thinking. In his view, b-schools spend a lot of time training students to run numbers and manage processes and not so much time on thinking, problem-solving, and innovation. That got me thinking and a few Google searches later, I had stumbled upon stories about Michael Ray’s Creativity course at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and his book, Creativity in Business.

Teachers are first and foremost avid learners. I knew I would benefit from a course like this and so would my students. I recruited a small group of dedicated, engaged, and motivated graduate students to embark on this journey with me and we will be studying creativity, mostly *marketing* creativity, for the next five weeks.

To a great extent this course is experimental. It will be my first time facilitating in this area and the amount of content available about creativity and creative thinking is near overwhelming. Did you know there are entire graduate programs taught in creativity? And hundreds of books like Steal Like an Artist, The Artist’s Way, Myths of Creativity… I could go on and on. There are “creativity experts” and “creativity coaches” like Dr. Ray and Todd Henry. I’m not an expert, but I am curious, intrigued, and passionate.

John Cleese said something to the effect of play is more fun together. So I’ll share what we’re doing here on the blog and Wednesday nights at 6:30 EST we’ll be chatting on Twitter with the hashtag #CreativityChat. I invite you to join us on our exploration of creativity.

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