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I’m Tracy Tuten, Professor of Marketing at East Carolina University. That means it’s my job to constantly learn. Along the way I get to share what I’ve learned with students and encourage them to use knowledge and skills to be anything they dream of being; after all, it is my students whom I credit for keeping me young.

I ended up in social media marketing as a kind of fluke. My specialty in research is web surveys, (if I didn’t teach, I’d just question people all day long about all kinds of consumer topics!) and I was one of the very first people studying web surveys back in the 1990s. I also taught advertising so I was up to date on all things online advertising. As social was birthed, I was there reading about it and bringing it into my classroom. I saw an opportunity to share my knowledge about social media marketing beyond the walls of my classroom, so I organized it in a way that made sense to me and then wrote my first book –  Advertising 2.0: Social Media Marketing in a Web 2.0 World.

People who know me know that I can be neurotic, tenacious, and enthusiastic. In the spirit of full disclosure, I even put on lipstick before conference calls. Outside of the bright lights and fame that Advertising 2.0 has brought me, I’m proud to share that I once had breakfast donuts with Joe Pesci. I’m an objectivist and if you agree with the values of Ayn Rand, we’re bound to work well together.

Although I get a kick out of reading work by Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, and Jack Canfield, I’m more than just goal-orientation and organizational inclination. I have my mother’s smile and my father’s loyalty, I’m married to someone who sat behind me and pulled my hair in 4th grade, and I’m the proud puppy mama to Chloe.

I was lucky enough to fall into the profession of professing early in my career, a gift that has afforded me the opportunity to work with advertising and research scholars and industry influentials in the US and abroad. I love to travel, (I’ve been to more than 55 countries,) and I am frequently en route to schools and associations around the world to teach intensive sessions for graduate students and executives.

You can read more about my work in Tracy’s CV.

11 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Kathleen Hayes Onieal

    I will be using your textbook to teach my Digital Marketing class this Spring. I have been a leader in driving adoption of digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years. I recently decided to teach Marketing at the college level so I can share all I have learned as the first VP of New Channel Marketing and Innovation in the Biopharm industry.
    I really relate to your bio and will keep you posted as we partner in engaging the next generation of marketing and creative talent.
    Kathleen Hayes Onieal

  3. Brian Barrerr

    Dear Ms. Tuten,
    I just read about your stand on our second Amendment rights and I applaud you. If you have the time, please have a quick look at my family’s Foundation website. You will see how much respect we have for educators. Thank you for your service to our young people. You are an inspiration.

    Brian C Barrett
    Managing Director
    Barrett Family Foundation

  4. JP Jens

    Hi Tracy,
    Just wanted to tell you how awesome I think you are for standing up to the disrespect that those children in the band showed to our flag.
    I support you 100% on exercising your open carry 2nd amendment rights as well. Keep doing what you do!
    God Bless you and yours,

  5. Pastor Ron Heffield

    God bless you, Tracy! I read of your 2nd amendment stand in Bob Owens column, Bearing Arms. I am praying for you, and for strength in your stand.

    Pastor Ron Heffield
    New Life Community Church
    Orlando, FL

  6. Jack cadagan

    I appreciate your good work , we need more open minded professors like you . The kids at E Carolina are very lucky to have you .
    I have nothing to do with the Trump campaign although I support him . About 30 years ago I read a book by a Prof Shiller on the media and communications . His work pointed out to me the influence the advertisers had in content across the airwaves . The American public is now really getting a taste of this , beyond the gun issue anything you can do to highlight this would be appreciated . I now fear we are entering a new period where the MSM has has crossed over into
    What some call deep state propaganda , it appears as though they are close too fully captured . This attempt to destroy Trump through the hijacking of air time with stories designed to totally anihalate his ethical standing is unprecedented in US politics ,The emphasis on multi decade sex stories verse more recent wiki news real state impacting news is proof beyond one even questioning
    They are doubling down and cannot afford another lose such as Brexit ,The economic / media / cultural power has been seeded to those that derive the revenues through global trade , weather or not the US wins or looses in that economic competition means nothing to them as they are economic internationalists . We need to slow down this emphasis on global trade and reassess the implications and distortions that have been created , not necessarily never go forward . I’ve spoken with multinational CEOs and I also understand there concerns
    Good luck , great work

  7. Patrick Kulikowski

    I am supprised, and impressed for your views, gun ward , as well as Trump ward !

    The HUGE issue, where law abiding, background checked, and trained citizens, are not allowed to carry in the totally rediculas ” Gun free zones ”

    These zones pretty much guarantee, criminals have a candy store of opportunities to kill without recourse from the law abiding victims they seek to harm or kill.

    By definition, gun free zones are only granting rights to would be criminals.

    You sound like such a inwardly beautiful person, Outwardly ain’t too bad, either.

    Democratic Educational ,ALMOST ALL, Institutions, must be a hoot the deal with as an instructor.

    God bless you , and your brave stand .

    Patrick Kulikowski, Florida.

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