Social Media is where it’s at… but can you be more specific?

Most people have become comfortable with the idea that “social media is where it’s at”, but now it’s time to educate further. With platforms like Facebook and Twitter being at most businesses’ top of mind awareness, the ‘impulse buy’ (so to speak) of an organization has previously been to implement social media marketing strategies on Facebook or Twitter as quickly as possible. But will this offer the best ROI? In part, it depends on the company and the strategy.

A recent article written by Urs E. Gattiker on posed the following question: “Facebook: Why is Nobody Listening?” According to Gattiker, “Facebook status updates are similar to broadcasting a message to an empty football stadium.” This is a painful statement for any social media marketer to read! Unfortunately, for those who cringed when they read it, Gattiker provided the research to back this up: A June, 2011 study by Parker & Brian that was based on 400 million Facebook fans indicated that only 3.5 to 7.49 percent see your status and just 0.25 to 0.90 percent interact with the status update!

It’s important to note that the numbers presented above are overall statistics and don’t apply to every brand on Facebook; however, they do apply to most. For example, Red Bull has just under 27 million “likes” and provides intriguing content like games, apps, and… but still their engagement hovers around 1.5% (according to Gattiker).

Red Bull has a relatively high level of engagement on Facebook, but is it enough?

So what should brands do? Ignoring the trend toward social media marketing for businesses is not recommended, but enlisting the appropriate amount of help may be. Consider the following:

  1. Who is constructing and implementing your campaign? Does their fee match their experience or are they simply running your campaign because they’re “on Facebook all the time anyway”?
  2. What kind of in-house training has your staff received? While it might not make budgetary sense to bring a social media marketer onto your staff full time, investing in training for your current staff that covers development and implementation of strategy may be a more feasible option.
  3. Where is your target market? If your target market is on Facebook and you can provide them with engaging content, then by all means spend time and resources to develop your campaign there. However, if you’ve found your customers to be more engaged on your blog and that’s all you have time to maintain, consider making that your focus instead.

How do you assess where to grow your brand’s social media presence? What platforms have you had success with?

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