“Digital Marketing and Social Media Masterclass” in Athens, Greece

Last week, I delivered “Digital Marketing and Social Media Masterclass” in Athens, Greece. This masterclass was the second of three events offered by Boussias Conferences in partnership with Global Marketing Network, as part of the Global CMO Masterclass Series.

In the class, we examined how pioneering corporations are using social media to build digital web and marketing strategies, and identified techniques and frameworks to generalize these pioneering practices.

During the event, I spoke with the Global Marketing Network about how the climate of the web is changing our lives. (You can view the clip here.  I explained that because of digital technology, our personal networks are expanding to include people all over the world, but that the potential threat to our physical lives as a result of our online presence is very real. In fact, even during the session, I saw many people using digital technology to communicate with their online networks when the opportunity to listen to wonderful speakers from around the world was available to them in the very same room!

The event itself was a wonderful success. With over 100 participants, including brand managers from Audi, Mercedes, Mattel, and Seimens, I encountered advertising professionals who were eager to learn about digital marketing and social media, and was thrilled to watch them soaked up the material. What impressed me most, however, was the basic human kindness present in everyone in attendance.

The first part of our session began at 9:30 AM with an introduction to online advertising. I covered models relevant to digital advertising, setting online advertising objectives (with consistency given integrated Marketing communication strategies), design of online advertising, campaign integration and the role of online advertising, and sourcing, selecting and managing marketing services suppliers.

After lunch, I explained the role of search engine marketing in digital marketing strategies and how to design search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to support digital marketing strategies. I also touched on ethical considerations relevant for SEO plans.

The final bulk of our day was spent covering social media marketing. During this portion of the event, I described and elaborated on the zones of social media marketing, (as outlined in my text Social Media Marketing,) including the roles of social communities, social publishing, social entertainment, and social commerce. I also highlighted the importance of using social data for consumer research and measuring the effectiveness of social media marketing strategies.

Delivering “Digital Marketing and Social Media Masterclass” in Athens, Greece, as part of the Global CMO Masterclass Series, was both an honor and a pleasure. Does this sound like something you’ would like to be a part of? Click here for upcoming Boussias Conferences, and here for more on the Global CMO’s Masterclass series for today’s marketing leaders.

Were you in Athens for the masterclass? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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