Top 10 Social Media Disasters of 2011

This past year brought an increased awareness to the value of social media for marketing. More companies than ever before are now integrating social media into their marketing strategies, but given that the use of social media for marketing is still in its early stages, unfortunate mistakes are bound to occur.

David Amerald, author of the best-selling ‘SEO Help: 20 steps to get your website to Google’s #1 page’, reminded us in his post for Social Media Today earlier this month that along with these mistakes comes great learning opportunities for those of us involved in the field of social media marketing. “We stand alone in the animal kingdom by our ability to learn through inference,” Amerald says.

To provide us with an interactive presentation of the Top 10 Social Media Disasters of 2011, Amerald created a short YouTube video highlighting what the disasters were, who incurred them, and what the lesson learned was. Which of these train wrecks do you remember? Did you see any of them coming before the collision occurred?

If these lessons collaboratively teach us anything, it is that no company can choose to integrate social media for marketing without thoughtful research, planning, and measurement strategies in place prior to launch. Furthermore, no campaign can run on auto-pilot.

Social media marketing is live at every moment of the day, and without efficient monitoring, any campaign will see its share of problems.That being said, the live nature of social media marketing also implies that companies will have to act fast, responding to problems as they arise, and involving a PR mindset every step of the way. But it’s fun, it works, and it’s the direction advertising is going in. If your attitude is to never stop learning from the successes and failures of yourself and others, you’ll do just fine.

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