Turning a new page

To many of my friends, my profession is as a professor of marketing, a job which brings me great enjoyment. But my goal is always to be as well-rounded as possible in my career as an educator. I have written books on modern experiences with marketing and advertising, I have been blessed with opportunities to speak around the world, and in all I that I do, I recognize that I am a balancing artist as well, juggling these aspects of my career along with my personal life.

It is with this preface that I would like to announce a shift. Presently, I am working on a new book about social media marketing. In the past, the books I have written have required my ongoing participation in online communities. As I move forward with this book, however, I will take on the role of observer; the reason is two-fold: firstly, observing online behavior is the focus of this book and secondly, I believe in focused work efforts without distraction.

I write this post because it feels quite counter-intuitive as a professor of marketing to pause my presence on social media. In the classroom, I stress to students that brands should commit to a steady social media presence. In this case, my brand as an educator will do just opposite. It is important that my students know this approach is temporary and with strategic reasoning.

There is another part of this approach that is a bit harder to swallow. After years of attending AWNY with my students, I have decided not to travel with them to New York this year. While I have always looked forward to this conference, I see my time as best allocated elsewhere this year. I know that my students will have a wonderful time without me and I look forward to hearing all about their experiences.

So until further notice, I bid you adieu! Thank you for your ongoing support and have a wonderful holiday season.

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