The Zones Framework in Global CMO

The Zones Framework: A Different Way Of Understanding The Landscape Of Social Media

In addition to my role as Professor of Marketing at East Carolina University, where I teach advertising and social media marketing, I also serve as the Programme Director of Digital Marketing and Social Media for the Global Marketing Network (GMN).

This June, Global CMO, which is the magazine for the Global Marketing Network, has published my article, “The Zones Framework: A Different Way Of Understanding The Landscape Of Social Media”, as their featured article.

The article provides an overview of the Zones of Social Media Marketing, which I developed with Dr. Michael Solomon, who is also part of the GMN. Together, we created the Zones Framework to help marketers understand what kinds of options they have when they are using social media marketing to meet marketing objectives.

You can read the first few paragraphs of the article below:

The Zones Framework: A Different Way Of Understanding The Landscape Of Social Media

Social media are a daunting universe of communication channels and vehicles. As marketing managers attempt to plan social media marketing strategies, they often seek out organizational frameworks which may assist them. Some of the most well known frameworks include those by Richard Scoble, Brian Solis, and Fred Cavazza.

Though there’s value in seeing their organizational frameworks, the complexity and volume of activity encompassed in these frameworks can be intimidating for social media marketing managers – and even more so for amateurs. A common issue is how can one distinguish between what is Web 2.0 versus “social media”, activities versus channels, and social software versus channels. This is what Dr. Michael Solomon and I have sought to address in our “zones” framework.

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